Local Attraction

Gedong Songo

A Hindu temple located in Central Java, Indonesia. The site was originally built during early period of Medang Kingdom which controlled Central Java during the 8th and 9th centuries. 20 minutes away to the west direction from the hotel, temples of Gedong Songo reflect a similar architectural structure to the Dieng Plateau. However, GedongSongo displays more emphasis on plinth and cornice molding. At Temple 3, an entrance is outlined by a vestibule that is decorated by guardian figures.


Railway Museum Ambarawa

The museum focuses on the collection of steam locomotives, which were then coming to the end of their useful lives when the 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm) gauge railways of the Indonesian State Railway (the Perusahaan Negara Kereta Api, PNKA) was closed. These are parked in the open air next to the original station. It is located around 30 minutes away to south direction from the hotel.



A lake in the Ambarawa Basin in Central Java, Indonesia. It serves as a source of power, irrigation, and flood control, and is used for fishing. RawaPening is estimated to have been formed between 18,000 and 13,500 BC after a period of increased precipitation. It reached its largest size from 11,000 to 9,000 BC, but shrank until it reached its current size around 6,000 BC. In order to protect RawaPening, the local government has enacted a green belt policy. This RawaPening is 30 minutes away to south area from the hotel.


Bandungan Excursion

The area has some excursion objects such as Traditional Market, Umbul Sidomukti with water-park, outbound facilities area, natural water pool, camping ground, coffee house. Besides, Bandungan is another choice of culinary tour objects. It is reachable at 15 minutes to the west.


Highest Mother Maria Statue

The monument located near Gua Maria – Marian shrine in a cave of Central Java. With 42 meter height, the statue becomes the highest in the world, passed the other one in Bulgaria with 32 meter height. This statue is located in Ambarawa, around 20 minutes away to south direction.